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The Smoked Glass bubbler by Marley Natural is a compact water pipe with a diffused downstem, a splash-and-ash catcher and a gold trim finish.


Smoked Glass Bubbler

This product is final sale. Marley Natural’s one-piece 4.5″ Smoked Glass Bubbler is made of durable hand-blown borosilicate glass with a smoky finish and gold trim. It’s supported by an extra-thick base to prevent it from being accidentally knocked over, and the body has a slightly tapered shape, giving it a better grip and centre of gravity. This compact design is equipped with an eight-slit inline diffuser downstem that widens the surface area of the smoke, forcing it into contact with more cool water and lowering its overall harshness. The splash-and-ash catcher below the bowl pinches to prevent any material from being pulled through the downstem, but a screen can also be added. The diameter of the carburetor is generous for both clearing smoke, and filling and draining water. Available in only one colour.


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