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The Dosidos mark of superiority is perfectly refined flowers with glistening trichomes. Spiky, dense, and laced with ripe trichs, the deep purple hue of her high-THC flower demonstrates the cultivator’s noteworthy skills.

True to her Indica-dominant nature, Dosidos is a tough nug to shred by hand. Solid and seemingly impenetrable, these high-end flowers require the proper tools for efficient dissection. While bong enthusiasts may not need a grinder, those with hopes of rolling a smooth-smoking joint certainly do.

A soothing mint-lime aroma overwhelms the senses at first whiff while a sharp and acrid smell permeates the air for a few minutes. A distinctive scent and terpene profile have made this strain a shining star within the crowded field of cultivation, particularly for breeders and growers hunting for the newest strains.

Like dipping shortbread cookies in a mint mojito, the initial inhale of Do-Si-Dos is sweet and tantalizing. Prospering from its intricate balance between minty freshness and a delicate floral flavor, Dosidos is nothing short of amazing.

Instantaneously chill, the medicinal relief obtained from Dosidos ranks up there with the best of today’s strains. Dissimilar to the GSC high, which famously produces an all-consuming head high, Dosidos provides a tranquil and enraptured body high.

  • Medical Uses:
    A great strain for the overworked and despondent, Dosidos cleanses the soul and replenishes the mind. Just a few simple puffs of this delicious strain and consumers will feel the weight of the world lifted from their shoulders as stress, depression, pain, and insomnia are vanquished after a few deep breaths.

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