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Buy Amber Oil Online. Amber oil is a broad, glue-like se mitransparent oil. We sell in 1-gram vials. It is super great smoking it with hot knives, in a bong or just for blackening onto your rolling paper. All you need to do is heat the vial up with a lighter to make spreading easy.

Amber is not a herbal plant nor a stone, it’s mineral from biogenic source. Amber Oil has some health benefits. Professor Aurifaber published an article on Amber, which contains 46 recipes for using this great oil.

Benefits of Amber Oil :

– Treats headache

– Treats toothache

– reduces blood pressure

– Enhance your vision

Buy Amber Oil Online, the medical drugs from Amber possess anti-inflammatory action. Amber Oil is used as a food additive to impove the immune system. It contains iodine, which helps with thyroid disease, as this disease occurs due to shortage or no iodine in the body.

The use of Amber Oil gives you:

– Physical strength

– Good spirits

– Good luck

– Keep health

Amber composes of more than 40 organic compounds. In modern medicine, Amber is used as a raw material for producing succinic acid, which is a wonderful biostimulant.

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